quismo - mit dem Rauchen aufhören

Tipps zur Anwendung

Wie Du QUISMO am besten verwendest

Choose the right time

Your will counts. Start with your plan only when you are sure that you really want to put it into practice.Choose a personal date that lies in the near future and then make this day a special.Congratulations: so you have already done the first important step!

Pay attention to the exact application

Use QUISMO® as described in the package insert and make sure that the cigarette filter is wetted with the bitter substance.Here the saying applies: As much as necessary, as little as possible.As soon as you notice that a habituation effect sets in during use, i.e. you no longer perceive the bitter substance so intensively, switch to the next level.


QUISMO always with you

It is extremely important to use QUISMO® really with every cigarette. Take QUISMO® therefore best everywhere with you, or prepare your daily requirement of cigarettes.So you are prepared for any situation. The bitter substance loses neither effectiveness nor intensity.


Keep a record of your cigarette consumption

For this you can use the table included in the set. If you regularly make your records, you will notice that your cigarette consumption is reduced bit by bit.


Daily routine and routines

Smoking is as good as always linked to habits. Try to either completely omit or replace these actions.

For example, make a cup of tea instead of coffee in the morning or start the day with sports or a walk.

Think about what things do you good and incorporate them exactly where you would otherwise reach for the cigarette.

Healthy lifestyle

AIn general, make sure you eat healthy, stay hydrated and exercise regularly.
This will promote your well-being as well as your health and help you stay motivated.

Switch to weak cigarettes

We recommend that you switch to the weakest possible cigarettes from the 2nd stage. This way, you will supply your body with even less nicotine and also promote a gentle withdrawal. At the same time, this supports the change of your habits.

Time for last cigarette

Determine the time of your last cigarette still at the beginning of the 3rd stage. Make this moment a special one and consciously take time for it.

Savings pig

To motivate you additionally during the 4 weeks, take a piggy bank or similar and throw in there the money you have saved by the reduced cigarette consumption. Then reward yourself with it in your new, smoke-free life.