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Weil jeder Augenblick zählt

15 Gründe, warum Du mit dem Rauchen aufhören solltest

Solange Dinge uns nicht betreffen und ganz weit weg sind, gehen sie uns nichts an.
Das ist menschlich.
Bis man selbst damit zu tun hat und dann kann man es nicht glauben.

Warte nicht auf den "richtigen Moment"

15 reasons why you should quit smoking

As long as things do not affect us and are very far away, they are none of our business.
That is human.
Until you have to deal with it yourself and then you can't believe it.

That's the insidious thing about smoking: many diseases are only felt when it's already too late.
The question is: can it then be undone?
Some. And some not.

Is that what it stands for?
Everyone has to answer that

Take a look at how smoking affects your life.
Even - or especially - if you are of the opinion that this does not concern you anyway.

High health risk

Cigarette smoking is associated with significant health risks.
It is also a preventable cause of death.
In fact, smokers die 10 years earlier on average.

About 35% of all cancers are due to tobacco smoke.
For lungs, oral cavity and larynx, the figure is as high as 90%.
Compared to nonsmokers, smokers have twice the risk of dying from cancer.

Heart attack
Tobacco smoke is responsible for cardiovascular diseases.
The risk of a heart attack is 65% higher than for a non-smoker.

Smoker's Lung (COPD)
COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is treatable but not curable.
About 90% of this disease is due to tobacco use, and one in 5 smokers is estimated to develop it.

Depending on how many cigarettes are smoked per day and for how long, the risk is estimated to be 30-60%.

As a smoker, you are 50% more likely to suffer from impotence than non-smokers.

The more you smoke, the less chance you have of getting pregnant.
And this is 10-40%.

Unpleasant effects in everyday life

"Smoking is cool" has not been true for a long time.
Smoking is an addiction. A burden.
You can talk yourself up all you want, but it doesn't change the fact that you are no longer "master of your own house."

Weak nerves & poor concentration
Initially, nicotine can increase the ability to concentrate in the short term and have a calming and stimulating effect. However, tolerance builds up over time and the positive effects weaken. If one then does not smoke, withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and concentration problems occur.

Worse chances in the search for a partner
According to a survey by a well-known dating portal, a smoking partner is a no-go for 37% of respondents. Men are somewhat stricter about this than women. 41 % of male participants state that they are not looking for a smoker.

You taste and smell worse
Smoking impairs the taste
Smoking has a similar effect on olfaction.
Although smokers can still perceive odors, some of them are greatly diminished and certain odors are no longer perceived at all.

Shortness of breath
Smoking causes the bronchial tubes to be constantly irritated and this causes chronic inflammation. As a result, the airways narrow and the so-called shortness of breath occurs.

Many things in everyday life are generally more difficult for smokers. You often don't get going, are sluggish and don't perform what you could otherwise - and in reality would want to. It doesn't matter whether it's sports, work or everyday activities.

It does you no good

Smoking is not only harmful, but also expensive and nonsensical.

High costs
A smoker spends about 2,000 euros a year on cigarettes - if he smokes 1 pack a day.
What could not be done with this money!

Time Eater
You rob yourself of 1-3 hours of free time a day!

Poison cocktail
Who would ever think of voluntarily poisoning himself? Correct: a smoker.
Tobacco smoke contains over 4500 chemicals, more than 80 of which are carcinogenic.

No advantage
There is nothing where smoking gives you an advantage anywhere in life.