Is giving up smoking a question of mind over matter?

And this is exactly what QUSIMO can help you with.

QUISMO changes your smoking behaviour.
Without any stress. Without withdrawal symptoms.

QUISMO is different.
Completely different.

Developed jointly with scientists as an alternative to conventional stop smoking aids.

60% of smokers want to stop smoking.
Only 5% of them make it without any support.
40% succeed in using therapies and products to quit.

QUISMO can help you change your smoking habits and support you on your journey to successfully giving up smoking.

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Bitter substances vs nicotine.

Nicotine acts not only in the brain, but also on the tongue.

A study has shown that there are taste receptors on the tongue onto which nicotine can dock. Nicotine uses the same signal pathway to the brain as bitter substances.

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Yes, QUISMO is bitter.

But it’s a matter of your health.

You can argue about the taste, but one of the secrets behind QUISMO is a specially developed bitter substance that will help you change your smoking habits.

The complete kit consists of three dosage levels: weak, medium and strong. Week after week, this will gently help you to lead a life without tobacco.
It’s up to you.

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  • Use it for 4 weeks

    Want to quit smoking? Quismo will support you every step of the way.

  • Don’t panic

    Don’t be afraid of failure. QUISMO helps you to quit smoking.

  • Zero nicotine

    QUISMO is made of 100% food grade materials. No nicotine. No medication. No side effects.

  • Easy to use

    QUISMO fits in your pocket, so you always have it to hand. It comes in a handy attractive container and is easy to use.

  • Made in Austria

    QUISMO was developed in Austria and is also produced here. We stand for quality and value close contact with our partners.

What are our customers saying about QUISMO?


Wolfi and his girlfriend Mariell want to quit smoking together.
They’re calling it the “QUISMO Challenge”.
We think that’s an excellent idea.

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The company

How an idea became a product.

Our mission: to help people manage their smoking addiction.
Either as a useful addition to conventional methods, or as a preparation for “the last cigarette”. Particularly important here, however, is to remove smokers’ fear of quitting.

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“The principle on which QUISMO is based has existed for over 80 years and its effectiveness has been proven several times over. This innovative application opens up completely new possibilities for quitting smoking.”

Assoc. Prof. Priv. Doz. Dr. Doris Lieba-Samal, Specialist in Neurology

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