QUISMO is different. Very different.

Changes your smoking behavior

Simple and unique

We follow the approach of gentle smoking cessation.

No stress. No withdrawal symptoms.

Research has shown that smokers are less sensitive to bitter substances.

That's why we use a particularly intense bitter substance in QUISMO®, which significantly reduces the desire for cigarettes.

With only 3 steps

The application at a glance

The bitter substance comes directly onto your cigarette filter, which you absorb first through your lips and then through your tongue while smoking.

This makes you feel that smoking is unpleasant, and your reward system receives a negative stimulus.


1. Pull back slider


2. Insert the cigarette filter briefly into the opening.


3. Smoke cigarette as usual.

For 4 weeks

The 3-step concept

The set consists of 3 bitter levels:
weak, medium and strong.

Our concept will gently guide you week by week into your smoke-free life.

Stage 1: Reduction

During the first 10 days you use the weak QUISMO®.
In the beginning, you will probably find the bitterness very intense.
Don't let that bother you, though, because that's the intention.
Here you get used to using QUISMO® with every cigarette.
Usually, during this time you will already notice a significant reduction in your cigarette consumption.

Stage 2: Change

During days 11-20, you have already switched to the medium QUISMO®.
In this phase, you become aware of smoking each cigarette.
You will ask yourself more and more often why you smoke in certain situations, even though you don't like it anymore.
This is the time when an important change happens within you.

Stage 3: Finish

You are now in the final phase and have already reached the last QUISMO®.
In the time between days 21-30 you smoke only a fraction more.
You've already gotten used to low cigarette consumption and are starting to change your daily habits more and more.
You increasingly see no point in smoking.
Now you are ready for your last cigarette and looking forward to your new life.

Here you can go to our Tips for use

Are you ready for QUISMO?

Actually, it is quite simple, because there are only 2 prerequisites:

1. you must want it
2. you are open to new

Not so difficult, right?

If you bring these qualities, then we take you with QUISMO® and our concept by the hand.
So your new life without cigarettes soon nothing more stands in the way.

What is so special about QUISMO?

QUISMO® is a unique combination of our patented product and a proven method from behavioral therapy.

Through this, the cessation takes place while smoking and happens via our specially developed bitters and the 3-step concept.