quismo - mit dem Rauchen aufhören

Über uns

Wir sehen QUISMO® als Begleitung auf dem Weg zur erfolgreichen Raucherentwöhnung.
Uns ist wichtig, Raucherinnen und Rauchern die Angst vor der Entwöhnung zu nehmen.

The idea

I know from my own experience how difficult it is to give up smoking.
There are people who can stop doing that from one day to the next. I am definitely not one of those people. In search of support, I tried various products and methods, but I was not successful.
And then I had the idea for QUISMO®.

David Eibel, founder of QUISMO

Made in Austria

quismo GmbH is a startup based in Graz and was founded in 2018.
QUISMO® was developed in Austria and is also produced here.
The product development took over 3 years and was carried out together with renowned partners from science and industry.
QUISMO® is patented and the market launch took place in summer 2021.