Yes, QUISMO is bitter.

Developed with experts

Our bitter

Strong bitter substances the human being perceives by nature as intense and unpleasant.
The taste sensation of the smoker is however clearly reduced.

Our bitter substance sets a purposeful stimulus and activates thus again the natural warning signal of the body.

How the bitter works

Smoking a cigarette activates your reward system in the brain, ultimately leading to addiction.
The bitter prevents this process.

At the same time, an automated action becomes a conscious act.

Why the three stages are important

The sensitivity to the bitter substances wears off after 8-10 days and a certain habituation effect occurs.

That is why the set consists of 3 different dosage levels:
weak, medium and strong.

Our concept builds on exactly those 3 levels and leads to a change in behavior over this period.

Safe ingredients

The bitters were developed in collaboration with the PCCL, Austria's leading center for cooperative research in plastics engineering and polymer science, and consist exclusively of food-grade substances.

One of them is denatonium benzoate, the strongest known bittering agent.

Where else is this bitter used?

The ingredient denatonium benzoate, which we also use, has accompanied us in our daily lives for many years and is already used in the following products, among others:

– Aids against nail biting
– Shampoos and soaps
- Body care and cosmetics
– Games for Nintendo Switch